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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between Moments & your formal photography sessions?
    Moments By Kate is a flexible arrangement that allows your family to get the most important things documented in a casual environment. Worrying about outfits, getting ready, and perfect smiles for the camera are not necessary. The purpose is to live in the moment and be carefree about the outcome. Formal sessions are typically done once or twice a year with the goal of documenting your family in a more structured way. I’m there to direct and guide you through the session to create beautiful, posed family photos. For more information about formal photography sessions, visit
  • What is categorized as Moments?
    Moments can be whatever you dream of. Everyone is different in what pieces of life they value. I’ve done many things, from birthday parties and retirement parties to brunches and play-dates. Bedtime routines have become a client favorite! If you have an idea just let me know, and we will make a Moment out of it!
  • How does your booking/communication process work?
    Call or text 804-301-5620! For those that are spur of the moment, booking can be done the same day as my schedule allows. For those that like to plan ahead of time, we can schedule something for the future. Click Book With Kate in the top menu and fill out the contact form. I thrive on being flexible to make sure the experience is smooth for you and your family.
  • Will you travel for sessions?
    Yes! Traveling options are available with additional fees.
  • What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?
    Flexible! I’ll text you the day before and the day of your session to make sure you’re ready to be in front of the camera. If not, no biggie - we’ll book another date! If for some reason you don’t use your sessions within a year of your initial booking, any deposits are non-refundable.
  • Do I need to have everything perfect? (House, Outfits, Makeup)
    Absolutely not! The purpose of a Moments session is to capture you and your family, unposed and unfiltered. In fact, I DISCOURAGE any sort of ‘perfection’. Live in your moment, stress free, mess and all.
  • What do I wear?
    Whatever makes you comfortable. I want to capture you as you! Pajamas, bathrobes, and sweatpants are all acceptable. For those who like a more clean look, feel free to dress it up to your liking. Generally, we keep it casual with jeans, leggings, sweaters, or whatever makes you feel great.
  • How quickly will I get my images?
    Generally, the turnaround time is within three weeks! You’ll receive a link to your Moments gallery as well as your ‘extras’ gallery.
  • Can I choose other photos?
    Yes. At gallery delivery, I will include an album of ‘extras’ available for purchase. I love all my clients and sometimes it’s hard to pick the best ones, so I want you to have the chance to see more. *Please note, anything included in your Moments gallery is not able to be swapped. I’ve created the ‘extras’ gallery so you can see those photos that may mean something to you, including images of a face that ‘only a mother could love’ or images that I simply thought were worth sharing.
  • Will you take posed photos?
    I’m happy to take a posed photo or two as I know how much these mean to you. However, they will not be included in final gallery delivery. They will be available in the ‘extras’ gallery for purchase or can be taken on your phone. Moments by Kate is about candid, real-time memories that will last forever and posed photos are not part of that.
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