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How Moments Came To Life

At just 16 years old, I discovered my passion for photography by carrying a camera with me while I babysat for families. Every time I visited a new home, I captured just a few moments of the children. From time to time, I'd be able to capture priceless moments of the children interacting with their parents. I documented these moments, edited as needed, and later emailed the photos to the parents. It was a joy to be able to give them a glimpse into their family's everyday life and to provide them with memories they would cherish for years to come. I loved it. It felt like a gift.

In 2008, I established Kate Grossman Photography and also began working as a part-time nanny for numerous families. For over 15 years, I've witnessed families working tirelessly and going through the same daily routines each day. I often hear parents say that the days are long but the years are short. Although I am not a mother yet, I can certainly relate to this sentiment, as I have watched countless children grow up right before my eyes.

Reflecting on my experiences, I am amazed by how the little ones I once took care of as newborns are now young adults or even married with children of their own. They used to be babies in their parents' arms, toddlers running around the house refusing to clean up their messes, siblings playing make-believe... and I was able to document that. 


As a professional photographer, it has been a joy to capture these fleeting moments in the lives of families and provide them with memories they can cherish for years to come. Working as a part-time nanny has given me a unique perspective on the daily life of families, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of these children's lives as they have grown and developed.


One of the main tenets of Moments is to be in the moment. I cannot ignore what I've noticed over the last few years with social media and phones being in our hands 24/7. We aren't fully present anymore. We crave chaos and have a difficult time doing just one thing at a time. Phones are on the table on every outing. Conversations are held while at least one person is doing something on their phone. We're constantly scrolling, comparing, writing comments, and even making posts in hopes of remembering our own important moments. But this constant "connection" with the virtual world is further disconnecting us from what really matters. 


Most photos are now selfies, semi-posed and awkwardly angled pictures that are supposed to represent what you did that day. But those don't capture the space around you, the environment, the sky that day, or the people that were there. That's what I help capture. Families are missing a huge piece of their children’s lives by constantly clicking screens to take the perfect photos. Do you even remember the pumpkin patch experience you just took 40 photos of? Or were you more focused on asking your kids to pose and smile for the 4th time in hopes they're all looking at the camera? Were you able to capture yourself with your children in that outing? I want my clients to be able to remember that day with full pictures. To look back and appreciate the photo for the experience, the people you shared that time with, and the memories you were making with your family. I want the real genuine feelings to be felt in those images rather than images specifically curated for the perfect poses, perfect outfits, and perfect smiles.

Don't lose touch with the real essence of life. Life is not about how we look. It's about our experiences, our relationships, and our connection with the world around us. It's time to quit worrying about the things that don't matter. When your time here on Earth is up, what will you have done in your life? What do you want others to remember about you? Give yourself and future generations a true look inside the life you lived. 

With Moments, I hope to bring back some of what's gone missing in the last few decades. Reality. Just go be yourself. Don't get dressed up or worry about how your kids will look in front of the camera. Hire me, connect with the opportunities in front of you, and focus on the beauty of the life you've built. The mess, the chaos, the tears, the giggles, the smiles. Be real. Put your phone down, and I'll take care of the rest.


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